Course curriculum

    1. 5 LeadershipN Tips for Leadership Success - Introduction to the Course and Senior Leadership Forum

    2. Download this pdf to document your learning

    3. Introduction Quiz - 70% or more to Pass and Gain Certification

    4. The 5 LeadershipN Tips for Leadership Success Overview and Tip 1 - Your Definition of Success

    5. Quiz - My definition of success

    6. Introducing David Hawkins Definition of Success

    7. Dr. David Hawkins - The Map of Consciousness - Purchase and Read the book and/or view the video

    8. Confirm that you've listened to the Video or read the Map of Consciousness book

    9. Conclusion of Maps and Your Definition

    10. Confirm that you have documented your current level of consciousness and targets in your worksheet quiz

    11. Tip 2 - Lead with Your Strengths

    12. Confirm that you have access to your Gallup Strengths and have added them to your worksheet.

    13. Tip 3 - Elicit Your Partners Strengths

    14. Tip 4 - Practice Strengths Based Conversations

    15. Confirm that you understand how to fill out the form and other skills Quiz

    16. Tip 5 - Practice Strength-Based Conversations for 21 days to set a Healthy Habit for Success!

    17. Confirm that you will keep the form with you and practice Strengths-Based Conversations for 21 days

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